Interval Timer App Reviews

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Solid app. Does what it's supposed to.

Great app. I do miss the last version's full screen tap to pause feature. The pause button is too small on an IPhone to easily tap the first time during a difficult workout with my fat, clumsy fingers.

Silly users

I've had this app since it was created and I've never had an issue with it. Always opens and runs flawlessly. I wish it could set up different timers between "sets" but that's just being anal. Get the app and enjoy.



After all the research...

Yes indeed! I finally found the interval timer app that is the best, and it works under fire! Wether your Ipod is off or you're on another app, the timer still runs in the background like real time. It took me awhile to figure out low and high intervals, but I so get it now. Your high interval could be your actual work out while your low interval could be your resting time. I like to think of the low interval as moving on to the next weight work out apparatus. And I figured out that rest means end of the number of sets. Or you can make rest your interval if you set the high or low interval to zero! I'm rambling on because this is truly a great app that I tested. I should be ok at the gym tomorrow and onward.

Don't purchase

Doesn't work at all


This app no longer works which is very annoying when I've been using it for training and now my marathon is only 3 weeks away and I have to buy a new interval timer! Fix this please!

BAD App.

I get the 2nd & sometimes 3rd audio alert and the audio alerts stop. The alerts will continue to vibrate only when the audio stops. I have re-insalled, tried every configuration posable and same ole thing I can't get a return email from support to help me. Way over rated.


Love that you can now save your timer rounds, but the sounds shut off after about 4 or 5 rounds. And that's particularly annoying if you're relying on them. Plus it crashes pretty frequently.

Almost 5 stars

Great app. Easy to use. An integrated tap counter would be nice. It would be nice to keep track of reps too. Maybe design it to count negative and positive counts and multiple reps scalable from 1 to ? The ability to save programs would be a huge plus. Thanks for the app. Use it all the time.

Works great

Easy to use and works great with music.

Replaces ¢70 stopwatch

I'm a trainer and use this app on a daily basis. It integrates perfectly into circuit training I do with both individuals and small groups. Easy and quick to manipulate. Works seamlessly with iPod and Pandora. Get this app.

Great interval timer, but missing key feature

I've been using this app for sometime. It is an excellent interval timer, easy to configure. However, it only allows you to have one interval timer configured at once. It has become tiresome having to change the timer settings each time I want to run a different interval workout. If I could create and save multiple timers, this would be a 5-star app and probably the best interval timer available, considering the combination of features and ease of use.

Program Saver

Would love to see an update that would allow you to save workouts so you don't have to reprogram it every time you want to do something different. Otherwise, great app!

Great app, but...

UPDATE: since the last update the iPod volumes fluctuate. It was really good when I first bought and they just keep improving it. Keep it up! Also, people complaining about the icon are ridiculous. Have you ever seen a real interval timer?

It works

Good at timing but could definitely use improvement. The app needs to be updated for iOS 4, the icon is a joke, need to be able to program and save more than one timer, app just majorly needs cosmetic improvement.

Be aware

Only one timer. Have to re-program if you want anything different.

Great App

Great App, but possibly the worst icon in modern history.

(v4) Good ap

Does what it says. A big thanks to the developers for quickly fixing the bug that paused the timer when locking phone.

Won't work on older iPod Touch

I love using this app, but the current version won't load onto the 2G iPod Touch, because it has no 4.0 OS. The same with Round Timer.

I loved this app until I upgraded to 4.0!

I had been training to do a walk/run marathon with this app and it was absolutely one of the best training tools I had! And of course as the saying goes, "Don't try anything new the day of the marathon." Well, I had upgraded to the iPhone 4 and I didn't think anything of it. But when I started my race, the sounds wouldn't work and would only vibrate (which of course I couldn't feel because it was in my running pouch) because I put the phone to sleep so that the screen would be locked. And I couldn't keep the screen on, because everytime I moved it would pause. I finally gave up on the application after playing with it for 6 miles in my race. I was really diasppointed because I couldn't even use it the way I had trained! So please upgrade this because I really liked this app!

Sound Issues

I love this app but since updating my phone to 4.0, I can't hear the samples of the sounds like I used to when selecting a sound, and when the phone goes to "sleep" the sounds don't work, just the vibrate. The phone has to stay "awake" for the sounds to work during a workout. Please fix these issues on this otherwise great app. Thank you!

Great app but fix 4.0 issues!!

Fix the new issues. Once updated to OS 4.0 issues have come about. Interval sounds are not working properly.

Great App!

This app helped me start running again. I love it! It does just what it is supposed to do and is easy to use. Plus you can still listen to your music while it is counting down.

An interval training must!

In the last few years I have really focused on interval training. There were two main problems, finding a timer that could handle different interval types without resetting, and hearing the buzzer over your music. This app handles both of these things beautifully. All you need to do is start your favorite playlist going on your iphone, and then start the interval timer. You have the option of the program stopping the song when the buzzer goes off, so you are assured of hearing it. It then starts the song again in the same place. You can set low and high intensity intervals within a larger interval as well. This is a must for anyone who wants to design and use interval training into their routines. GREAT APP GREAT PRICE!

Exactly what I needed.

First interval timer app I tried and its perfect. I can listen to music, can set multiple intervals, total length of my set, initial countdown timer, and customize each intervals sound. Great app!!!

useful app

I found this app to be exactly what I was looking for in an interval timer. More than worth the money! When used correctly, it's a great app. There is one thing I would like to see in an update, it's the ability to program multiple workouts.

Single timer only

This is a very good single interval timer. It has the same sounds as this company's other interval apps.. Interface is very simple for its purpose. You can also record your own sounds. I wish its description would say "Single Interval Timer".

Just fine

Looks o.k. Does what it says and nothing else. I was pleasantly surprised.

Good app

Could use an in app iPod controls, also has a few bugs -- if you set high tempo to be first and restart the app it show low tempo as first even though it is still high tempo first. This is much better than any other work out timer I have tried but it still needs some improvement.

Great, except for the pausing...

Great app, but I wish it would continue to run in the background while you change songs. If you try to access your music to change songs, it pauses the timer until you go back into the app and click to resume.

Love it...

I purchased this and the Tabata Timer and this app is sooooo much better!! I like that you can choose your own sounds and the fact that the app will run with music playing. Setting up the intervals was quick and easy!! Thanks!!

Simple and elegant

Does what it says it does. On an iPod touch 1g you need to be wearing the earphones to hear the alerts. For those complaining about the timer stopping when the screen locks: as long as music is playing through the media player, the iPod stays "awake" (even though the screen goes off) and the timer will continue to run, and the alerts will sound. So just male sure music is playing, and then start the timer program. Don't press the home button. If the media player stops, such as at the end of a playlist, the iPod will go to sleep and so will the timer.

Well worth the .99

This app is very logical and easy to use. I love the custom recording feature which allows me to record the words "run" and "walk" so I don't have to think about it!! I searched for timex interval watches and could find none for under $30. This is a great purchase for anyone looking to do interval training.

Big improvements in the new version

It has come a long way from the previous version. But * still lacks the much needed ability to keep the iPhone screen from locking out. * can not save training profiles for different types of workout

Will NOT function correctly when locked: Confirmed

I had suspected for some days that the app will NOT -- contrary to the claims of the developer -- run correctly when the iPhone is locked. My timer is set for 4:30 low, 30 secconds high, with no rest time. Often when the iPhone is locked, the clock stops and the app will not sound UNTIL I touch the Home button, when it will sound. Upon unlocking the iPhone, the timer resumes at the point immediately after the conclusion of the previous interval. In other words, the clock stopped and the sound was "cached" until I began unlocking the iPhone. It seems that in Interval Timer we are in the hands of a pretty talented developer (the app really is excellent) who does his own software testing -- the worst possible scenario: software developers and testers should be a) different people; b) preferably at daggers drawn. On the one hand, who am I to complain for a measly buck? On the other hand, this is not far from being a 5-star app. Let's hope this unlock matter is solved soon. Otherwise I shall have to purchase a $20 iPhone holder for my bike's handlebars, because otherwise with the iPhone in my pocket I will inevitably and inadvertently touch the Pause button on this $1 app ....


Can't get rid of low intervals. 2.1 has not fixed the screen lock issue. Not a good choice for hiit at the moment. Perhaps with another update.

It doesn't work.

The new version is a little prettier but just doesn't work. The previous version was decent, approaching good. It isn't intuitive or particularly easy to use.

Save Settings???

I can't find a way to save my prefered settings ( times & sounds). Have to reset everything every workout. Please fix. Thanks.

Nice improvements, but could use more.

lots of new options, and the current 2.0 version briefly pauses your music when it plays the tones so you'll always hear them. remember to set the sounds first on the 2.0 release or you will crash. i hope a future version will be able to continually run when you lock the screen.

Good Timer

Stopped working after the upgrade, but works fine after I reinstalled the ap.

Useless now

Same exact problem as sithmaith. Used for tabata.

Quit working after 7/6/09 upgrade

Worked fine on the morning of 7/6/09, got an upgrade. On the morning of 7/7/09, it looks all different and the app closes every time I hit the start button, so it's now useless. I loved it before. Help! It used to be great for Tabatas. Set the rest time to zero and use the low interval for the 10 second rest. If it ever works again. If it doesn't come back soon, I guess I'll have to find another timer. It's a shame. I really liked the way it worked before.

Not useful if you listen to music

I wanted to like this app. Its got a very clean easy to use interface and it does what it says. However, if you are running or working out to music, you will not hear it. It cannot lower the volume of the music during the change announcement. I wrote to the creator to discuss the issue, but never got a reply.

Needs a way to turn off low interval

There is no way to turn off the low interval or set it to 0. It goes back up to :05. If you only want to do high and low (as in Tabata), you are screwed. Sounds need to be louder and more audible over gym noise. Otherwise seems ok

I'm in heaven

Before I donwloaded this app I had to turn my music down so low I could barely hear it because I needed to listen for the timer on my watch. I'm training for a marathon right now & practice interval training on my long runs. This app allows me to turn up the music as loud as I want and not worry about missing my next interval because the alarm sounds right over my music (note: make sure you have the ringer volume turned all the way up BEFORE you start the app). It's a bit sensitive which is why I knocked one star off, & it doesn't count your total training time which would be nice. Other than that, it's perfect, I love it!!!

Needs volume control

This little item does what it's supposed to and very well! However, it would be nice if it had a volume control for the High/Low/Rest interval. For me it's a bit quiet to hear over my music on my iPhone 2G. Other than that, great app!

Does not function

Sound and vibrations do not work, making it useless for running.

Good for Crossfit

I have been looking for a good timer for quite sometime to do workouts too, and this one is great. Easy interface, bold timer count down, and nice alerts to when you need to switch or stop. Never had any issues with no sound. Maybe people had their phones on vibrate and thought that the sound would still come thru like their music does. If you have the switch turned to sound on your iPhone on the side, it comes thru even over the music playing.

when you can select the sound you want it will be 5 stars :)

i don't really get the low intensity, high intensity intervals, but somebody must find these variations useful. it won't bother me too much having a slightly different tone each interval (low/high). very basic app (which is a good thing). hopefully will allow for sound of choice (there are 4 preselects to choose from and tone and ring will work fine for those of us doing conditioning drills) in an upgraded version.

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